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Want to cross rivers and dirt roads with confidence? This is all possible through our custom Nissan Patrol snorkel and airbox products. The PatrolDocta team have specialised in 4X4 parts and accessories since 2003. Today, we continue this tradition with top-of-the-line fabrication for various Nissan makes and models.

Adding a brand new stainless steel snorkel and airbox is a great way to protect your engine and maximise its efficiency. Whether you own a GU, a GQ or the y62, these parts help to regular air intake and prolong the engine’s overall lifespan.

Our fabrication team can provide on-site installation and advice for maintenance moving forward. If you are interested in upgrading to a new Nissan Patrol snorkel and airbox kit, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

GQ Snorkel and Airbox

After 5 Months of development, prototyping and testing, PatrolDocta were proud to release: the GQ HighFlow ZD30 Airbox. Purpose designed for GQ Nissan Patrols, this snorkel and airbox kit is highly sought after on the Australian market.

Once added, we promise that your Patrol will run better than ever. Whether you face wet, dry, cold or dusty conditions, your custom snorkel and airbox kit ensures that the engine remains protected and functioning as it should be.

This Airbox does fit into GU Patrols, as well as GQ patrols. Installation does require custom plumbing to connect the airbox to your intake. Factory pipes will not connect. Please contact us for further product enquiries!

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