Ford Snorkel and Airbox


For high-quality and highly efficient Ford airboxes and snorkels for Melbourne all-wheel drive vehicles look no further than the experts at Patroldocta. Since opening our workshop’s doors in 2003 our skilled and knowledgeable 4×4 specialists have installed countless snorkels and airboxes that have been customised to fit the dimensions of our customer’s vehicles.

At Patroldocta we know that our customers want a vehicle that they can explore the wilderness with. Thanks to our exceptional and resilient custom-made snorkels and airboxes our skilled team can improve the performance and capabilities of your vehicle, no matter the environment.

With one of our genuine Ford snorkels or airboxes Melbourne Ford owners, whether they have a Ranger, Explorer, or other model, can modify it to better fit the specific needs and the lifestyle of our customers.

If You Want an Airbox or Snorkel for Your Ford Get in Touch with Patroldocta!

Make unpassable environmental features such as rivers, fords, or rivers a challenge rather than a barrier thanks to the exceptional products and solutions on offer from the professionals at Patroldocta.

Whether you are after an airbox to increase engine power or to ensure that the engine has a continuous flow or air, or you want to travel through water and mud with a snorkel, our dedicated team can ensure that you and your vehicle get through wet, dry, and hazardous conditions with increased ease and efficiency.

To learn more about our dedicated and detailed vehicle improvement and customisation solutions and services give us a call on 03 5941 6266.

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