Isuzu Snorkel and Airbox


Do you need more from your vehicle? Help your Isuzu live up to its all-terrain title thanks to the professional and passionate team of automotive specialists at Patroldocta! Since starting our business in 2003 we have customised and modified many Isuzu vehicles to suit the specific desires and requirements of our customers.

From our modern and well-equipped workshop our hands-on and passionate team of technicians and specialists work with our customers to supply and install the customised Isuzu snorkel that Melbourne motorists require for their vehicle.

Committed to providing our customers the best installation experience possible our team can supply and install airboxes and snorkels that have been produced by Isuzu, ensuring the best results and optimal performance.

Kit Out Your D-Max with a Snorkel or Airbox from Patroldocta!

Get the best Isuzu D-Mas snorkels and airboxes for your vehicle thanks to the professionals at Patroldocta. Our knowledgeable and passionate team can ensure that the best equipment and products are installed on your vehicle.

No matter the conditions you plan to drive in Patroldocta’s airboxes and snorkels will ensure that it continues to run without succumbing to the mud, water, or dirt. Seamlessly installed and designed for modern conditions our products and installations offer increased protection for the engine and allow optimal airflow in all conditions.

To learn more about our exceptional and reliable 4×4 airbox and snorkel services give us a call today on 03 5941 6266.

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