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PatrolDocta are the number one source for a genuine Ford Ranger snorkel kit. We have made it easier than ever to improve your 4WD engine intake, as well as including everything you need for installation.

Above all, these products help you to get the best out of your Ford Ranger. A stainless steel snorkel is also proven to hold up well over time, particularly when directly compared to basic factory offerings.

The Best Snorkel for Your Ford Ranger

In business since 2003, PatrolDocta are the seasoned specialists in 4X4 parts and accessories. We utilise years of experience to build upon current designs to create the ultimate in air intake technology. Our genuine Ford Ranger snorkel kits are no exception.

Why is the PatrolDocta brand the best snorkel for your Ford Ranger? Each Ranger snorkel kit not only blends seamlessly on a visual level, but they also offer massive flow gains when compared to the plastic factory snorkels. In addition, this Ford Ranger snorkel kit includes full templates and instructions for the cutting guard hole.

Contact the Patrol Team for further product info!

Order a Genuine Stainless Steel Snorkel for Your Ford Ranger

Australian made and designed, our products are created by professionals that know how to get the best out of a Ford engine. Featuring a sleek modern look and durable materials, we stand by the quality of every genuine Ford Ranger stainless snorkel.

If you need a stainless steel snorkel for your Ford Ranger, we offer immediate freight shipping across Australia. Order yours today or contact us for any questions and special requests!

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